Why recommend a photography studio for hire in London?

Shooting in natural light is a great way to get a good shot under different weather conditions. It is not the only way and any photographer and model, however experienced, should consider photo studio hire London.

Profound benefits

In a studio, photographers, videographers, video editors, graphic designers, image re-touchers, web designers and others can work together very easily, whilst forging stronger relationships through the networking opportunity this presents.

Photography studio hire

A studio can be designed according to the experience of the professional photographers working in an extensive range of genres. It can therefore be used for professional creatives, amateurs and for booking shoots for clients without being limited by set parameters.

Infinity cove studio hire London

There is also a great control factor. Whereas with the weather you may be up against sudden or unexpected fluctuation, a good studio will be fully equipped with everything necessary for a professional commercial photography or video production for various projects. This will include such important and versatile elements such as a 400 square foot (4.4x4m) white infinity cove.

Cyclorama studio hire London

A photography studio hire London offering a range of Bowens strobes, light modifiers and with a wall mounted cyclorama or ‘cyc wall’ – a curved wall used as a background to give the illusion of unlimited space – makes a superlative choice.

These elements combine to give a great consistency in light control which is impossible outdoors as the hours of the day move on and you can find you lose light completely towards the end of a long shoot. In a studio, you can also choose your desired temperature in which to work which is a terrific bonus.

Fashion shoots

With a designated make-up and hair area, and a clothes rail, it is perfect for a fashion shoot and of course access to a kitchen means you can stop for a quick break and have a cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat. Of course, a lounge or seating area means you can enjoy some time away from the camera relaxing. A studio in East London will also be close to lots of good cafes, pubs and restaurants.

MS studio hire London 

MS studio, in the heart of London’s East End, is available for hire at very reasonable rates for a day or half day. It is frequently hired out by high street retail and prominent e-commerce clients because they know it offers consistency in a stable environment for their projects.

Studio appeal

One of the appeals of working in a studio like this is the access to free wi-fi, a definite need in today’s digital photography world. There are also various props available on request and you can ask for pre-shoot viewings.

Free parking

Outside MS studio, there is free on street parking so you don’t have to worry about paying a fortune in an NCP or other car park or constantly worrying about the meter running low.