Five reasons to opt for a photo studio hire London 

If you’re seriously interested in developing as a photographer, there comes a point where you’re frustrated at the limitations of just shooting with natural light, or with a single flash head, and are thinking about London photo studio hire.

It’s all too easy to procrastinate, thinking of reasons not to commit to this next stage of your creative journey, when it’s generally exactly what you need to push yourself and your photography to the next level. So here are five great reasons to pick up the phone now and make that commitment.

Shining a light

Studio lighting makes all the difference. When you’re working with professional flash heads you’re in optimal control of how your model is lit, from intensity and quality of lighting to direction. You have the opportunity to combine back, side and front light, and the angle at which it falls from above or below to produce either dramatic chiaroscuro effects, or the most flattering, luminous lighting. Having this level of control over your lighting also ensures your images will be detailed and sharp, which makes post shoot editing so much easier.

You could buy sets of studio lights to shoot in your own makeshift studio but, for most people, the cost of this is fairly prohibitive. Hiring a professional studio is far less expensive than you might imagine, and gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a professional setup without having to make this financial commitment.

It’s all in the detail

And it’s not just about professional flash heads and stands. A good studio provides you with all sorts of lighting accessories, from soft boxes to snoots, which allow you to refine your lighting techniques even further, and experiment with light and style in a way that you’ve been prevented from attempting until now.

Studio location

You could place studio lamps in a domestic setting and achieve nothing like the same results, because effective studio flash photography demands the ability to block sources of natural light which can diminish flashlight. A good studio always provides total black out facilities, along with the facilities required for shoot preparation: hanging racks for wardrobe, a changing area for your model along with vanity table for styling and makeup.

It’s behind you

A professional studio will also provide a range of backdrops to shoot against, whether it’s an infinity curve Cyclorama, or coloured rolls of backing paper. Affordable infinity cove studio hire London isn’t readily available, but MS studios offer this along with alternative backdrops for fashion and product shoots.

Closing off the outside world

A benefit that tends to get overlooked by photographers is that a studio provides you with a secure, discreet and private space where there are no distractions, no interruptions, no one overlooking you, and you have the opportunity to simply focus on your model, your objective and your creative process. That alone is priceless.